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↓Our 5 step road map for increasing our clients free traffic↓

Step 1: Successful application process

We carefully review your application in great detail determining whether or not your company is a good fit to work with us.

Step 2: Review of your goals

When brought on we discuss what your goals of a successful search marketing campaign looks like.

Step 3: Keyword selection

In this step we will discuss what specific keywords or phrases that make the most sense with the highest volume of traffic going to them.

Step 4: Onpage review and alteration

When we review a client’s site we make sure that it has the particular structure geared towards ranking for the specific keyword or words that have been selected.

Step 5: Off page exposure

After all of the preceding steps are complete we then expose your site to the high volume of traffic over an extended period of time.

Step 6: Your site at the top of Google

Your is now ranked for the specific terms that have been selected thus increasing your free traffic to exponential levels.

Join the hundreds of thousands of companies that are utilizing Google Search Marketing to dominate there competition!

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What is Search Engine Optimization Anyways?

What is search engine optimization? It is the ranking of websites high in search engines. There are different search engines available the major being Google. For your web page to be ranked on the first page of the major search engines, the search engine uses different metrics to rank your website. You need an experienced SEO professional for you to have the website ranked high. At White Knight Revenue, we structure the right experience to handle your search engine optimization services.

4 Main benefits of having Search Engine Optimization done the right way

  1. Increases website traffic

A website ranked on the first page of search engines will exponentially receive more visitors than a website ranked on the tenth page of search engines. Many people searching for information online will like to access it as fast as possible. You are in a better chance of having more views if your website is ranked at the top three positions of search engines based on a given keyword.

  1. Increased visibility in search engines

Websites on the first page receive more views, no question about it. If you can have your service website ranked on the first page, then you are assured of great exposure online which will translate to high rankings.

  1. Access to more customers

The best clients or customers are the ones already looking for a service you similar to what your business offers. By having your website ranked under high traffic keywords in Google you gain exponential numbers of new clientele.

  1. Increasing your revenue

More customers will translate to more revenue and profit. There are different ways of marketing businesses online; SEO is an effective strategy you can use to access more customers.

Why you should hire White Knight Revenue

At White Knight Revenue, we offer the best SEO services. If you are looking for a dependable SEO Company, then working with us is your next step. Some of the benefits of choosing us as your SEO agency include the following:

Significantly less expensive than constant paid advertising

Marketing is the lifeblood of your products and services. When you hire our SEO specialist, getting your website ranked high in certain terms which customers will be searching online when looking for services or products similar to yours is our number one priority. After a successful SEO campaign, your website will rank top in search engines and will remain there for long. It will save you on marketing costs in the long term. We employ white hat tactics for you to always dominate the market.

Providing real results

It is necessary to hire an SEO company which will help you achieve real results. Once work on your website is started, monthly reporting will give you access to all relevant data to better understand the how well the campaign is doing.

Quality work

All our SEO experts are highly qualified. We are dedicated to providing quality work so that you can benefit from the SEO results. Since we started our SEO services, we have managed to satisfy many businesses. If you are interested in having SEO done to your site then check out are Discovery Application to see if your company is the right fit for us to work with.

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